Through the Children's Orchestra Society, students can participate in four to five programs: Orchestra, Chamber Music, Musicianship, Chorus programs and, for more advanced students, the Majors program. Ensemble playing is the core of COS; it fosters a valuable work ethic plus a healthy balance of team spirit and pride in personal achievement. With several levels of orchestral groups, students can work toward progressively more demanding music repertoire, limited only by their motivation. Advanced students at COS often set high goals for themselves - to be in the majors program or as contestants in the annual Discovery Competition.


Orchestra is the core of the Children's Orchestra Society, because we believe that ensemble playing develops musicianship by cultivating a hard-working ethic while maintaining a healthy balance of team spirit and pride in personal achievement. More »

Chamber Music

Chamber music offers a unique opportunity for students to gain greater confidence as a solo performer while at the same time experiencing the joy of collaborative music-making within a small group setting. More »


Musicianship is a broad program of study that focuses on the theoretical aspects of music. A vital feature of the program lies in the strengthening of aural recognition skills, which will greatly aid the student in solo as well as ensemble playing. More »


The Majors Program is a four-year curriculum designed especially for advanced students who are eager to expand their understanding of music from solo, ensemble, and theoretical perspectives. Acceptance into the Majors Program is based on a recommendation from COS faculty and a successful audition. More »