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We at the Children's Orchestra Society are committed to "teaching children the language of music" and nurturing young musicians. The next generation of musicians have many distractions; they are constantly pulled in many different directions. Music instruction takes time and patience that are in perilously short supply.

Your financial support truly enables COS to fulfill its mission and goals, to maintain and expands its training programs; and to provide scholarship to those in need.

What does music mean to you? Here we share a student's perspective, her personal view of learning the language of music: "Why I Perform"

The students, the faculty and the entire staff are grateful to all music lovers who share our vision and provide support for our spectrum of programs. To our benefactors, we say "bravissimo!"

$7,500 GOLDEN BENEFACTOR partially underwrites the gala concert at Kaye Playhouse
$3,750 BENEFACTOR partially underwrites the seaon's annual concert series
$1,950 PATRON partially underwrites the Chamber Music concert series
$800 SPONSOR provides a scholarship for orchestra and musicianship
$375 DONOR provides a partial scholarship for chamber music
$250 FRIEND provides for rental or purchase of an orchestral score & parts
$150 CONTRIBUTOR provides partial scholarship for musicianship
$75 BOOSTER sponsors a season's ticket
$ _________ every gift brings the gift of music

You can make your tax-deductible contribution by either:

This holiday season, consider a donation to Children's Orchestra Society through Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma's Holiday Wish: "My Holiday Wish is in honor of COS Founder Dr. H. T. Ma's 100th birthday celebration, and my teacher Arthur Grumiaux's 90th birthday." To learn more or make a donation, visit the Causes page today!

A copy of the last annual report filed by the COS with the NY Secretary of State may be obtained by writing
to: Children's Orchestra Society, Inc. 65-03 180th Street, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 or State of NY Dept. of State: 162 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12210

The Children's Orchestra Society holds an annual Discovery Concert and Benefit Gala in a major venue in New York such as Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall. To receive an invitation to this special event, please e-mail your name and address to Yeou-Cheng Ma.

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"When I first joined Children's Orchestra Society in 1989, the orchestra still practiced in Michael's and Yeou-Cheng's basement and played Turkey in the Straw. Since then, we have gone through about 200 rehearsals, 20 concerts, 5 'COS homes,' and 3 tours. That has given me enough memories.....Before I become an official COS alumn, I'd like to thank Michael, Yeou-Cheng, and the entire orchestra for all these years of fun, music making and growing up."

Felix Chen (1995 Concertmaster)
B.A. University of Pennsylvania
presently teaching third grade in PA