Majors Program

The Majors Program is a four-year curriculum designed especially for advanced students who are eager to expand their understanding of music from solo, ensemble, and theoretical perspectives. In addition to meeting challenging requirements in the study of their solo repertoire, students in the Majors Program must be enrolled in classes in orchestra or chorus, as well as chamber music and musicianship classes.

Performance is a critical component: Students in the program are required to present solo works in the annual Majors Program Recital and perform in at least one Student/Faculty Recital with their chamber music group or the chorus. A grade of at least "Satisfactory" must be maintained in annual evaluations to continue in the program. Acceptance into the Majors Program is based on a recommendation from COS faculty and a successful audition.

A recent alum's tells us what it was like to be in the Majors Program.

Students enter this program in the 7th, 8th or 9th grade and auditions are usually held in June. This year's auditions have already passed but if you still want to be considered for the Majors Program, please contact us right away.